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Abit AW8 BIOS 1.3

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Abit AW8 BIOS 1.3
Release date:2012-10-10
File Size:aw813.exe, 495 KB
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Abit AW8 BIOS 1.3 driver description and release notes:

- Fixed the issue that the system may not be able to boot up from SiliconImage RAID controller when Intel RAID BIOS is enabled.
- Memory frequency will be shown correctly when N/B Strap CPU as is set to "By CPU"
- Pentium Extreme edition CPU now works as intended when HT is set disabled.
- Enhanced DRAM compatibility.
- Add new item "On chip SATA RAID BIOS" enable/disable" function. You can download driver Abit AW8 BIOS 1.3 now.

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